Week 2 of Spring Institute | In the thick of it

This week was intense – we had research minis, presentations, blog posts, and a heap of reading to get through. It is quite amazing how much we can go over in just five days. At the end of the week, everyone was sleep deprived, exhausted, and ready for a bit of a breather (just a short one cause this is the critical homework weekend for abstracts, posters, and a paper). The good news is that we’ve made it through 2/3 of Spring Institute! Some photo highlights from this week:

Gorgeous day in Edmonton to kick off the week. I tried to leave during lunch hour a few times to enjoy the brisk spring air and get some exercise. The sun is a great motivator.

Going over the river is my favourite part of my commute from South Campus to Enterprise Square.

Who says presentations have to be boring? A fun little afternoon going over Clay Shirky’s concept of collaboration and group action.

Had a lovely date with Carolyn after class at Dauphine Bakery on 104 after class. Gorgeous space to decompress before hitting the books again. (Thank you for the coffee and pain au chocolat!)

For a mini survey, we should count how much coffee we’ve consumed collectively. A strong cup of caffeine helped me get through my presentation on Wednesday.

Had a memorable blind date dinner on Wednesday night with friends of friends (network expansion). Thank you to Keavy and Richard, two wonderful souls.

Thursday was pub night at Public House. It was the perfect place for us to mix and mingle – thanks for planning it Andrea and Ian!

Friday with over to Tres Carnle with Leah, Hilary, and Crystal. My favourite photo of the week is the final one in the corner – a bacon business card in my pocket. Off we go into our final week of Spring Institute.

Week 1 of Spring Institute | Hello Edmonton

The first week in Edmonton has been great – I have all my readings, settled in nicely at Leanne and Chris’ apartment, remembered the important bus routes, and got through an intense week of classes relatively unscathed. Like most things, it is easier the second time around. My cohort is made up of 20 brilliant minds (we are just missing Mama Melissa who has a much more challenging task at hand). It is so great to be going through this rigorous learning experience with them. Here are a few snapshots from the week.

Routine: Hop on the train at South Campus, head to Enterprise Square, learn interesting things, repeat. Sprinkle with coffee, post-it notes, and Twitter.

Melissa came for a visit with her new little one (Hope just turned 6 weeks old). Here is our adorable #MACTbaby with Auntie Andrea.

This is relevancy – we kicked off our class with a tribute to MCA, hours after Adam Yauch’s death was announced.

We wrapped up Week 1 with a trip to Elephant & Castle. On the way home, I spontaneously tagged along with Tana to the Butterfield Spring Craft Show and came home with some hot pepper jelly and a lovely necklace!

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  1. this is great work Sylvia. you have a true eye for design and photography along with your great grasp of the material! altruism is a tricky one to grasp for me as i’ve seen so many cases of what at first looks like the genuine article, but then reveals itself as a cheap knockoff. the web and what is happening with software is definitely encouraging however, and hopefully inspiring more and more people to apply the same ideals everywhere to see if they will fit, or at the very least leave the puzzle one step closer to completion.

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